《Apple Service Training 2005》Mac 教程[Bin]

《Apple Service Training 2005》Mac 教程[Bin]
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    除了 DIY 和授权外的维修,任何想得到APPLE授权的维修都必须通过认证,认证由APPLE公司负责。现在,个人服务想进行更多的复杂的维修,就必须雇佣更多的APPLE认证的技术人员。其主页中有表格是 Apple Service Training 的要求 for Self-Servicing Accounts.
    引用Apple s Self-Servicing Account (SSA) program is designed for institutions and businesses that want the convenience of repairing their own products. Self-Servicing Accounts must have an installed base of at least 50 Apple computers, are permitted to repair only the products they own, and may not perform repair work for third parties.
    Qualified institutions (education, government, and non-profit organizations) and businesses that fulfill the minimum requirements of the program can use Apple s online systems to quickly and easily accomplish the following:
    Obtain genuine, Apple-certified, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) parts, which are customer installable and typically include replacement keyboards, mice, power cables, memory, and modem cables
    Directly initiate repairs performed by Apple or an Apple Service Provider
    Order parts for out-of-warranty repairs, stock on hand, or fulfillment
    In addition, Self-Servicing Accounts that maintain Apple-qualified or Apple-certified technicians on staff can perform more intricate repairs. Program requirements and benefits are described in more detail below.
    Requirements and BenefitsApple authorizes, solely at its discretion, qualified institutions and businesses to participate in the Self-Servicing Account program.
    At a minimum, all Self-Servicing Accounts must:
    Have an installed base of at least 50 Apple products that are less than five years old
    Maintain a Service Terms account with Apple, which is used when placing service orders and is separate from any Finished Goods account or other purchasing agreement
    Use only genuine Apple service parts and modules purchased from Apple when repairing products covered by Apple s Limited Warranty, AppleCare Protection Plan, or AppleCare extended service agreements
    Limit their repair work on Apple products to the units they own
    Maintain resources to manage the administration of Apple service processes and procedures
    Organizations that meet the minimum program requirements can:
    Order genuine, Apple-certified DIY parts and parts for out-of-warranty repairs using Apple s online Global Service Exchange (GSX) system, which provides automatic product and pricing updates, online order validation, immediate order confirmation and estimated ship date
    Access comprehensive, online product information, training, repair procedures, troubleshooting, and diagnostic tools
    Use GSX to directly initiate repairs performed by Apple or an Apple Service Provider
    Use GSX to order parts for stock on hand and to place fulfillment orders for lost, missing or damaged new product manuals and/or media items
    Contact Apple s Service Provider Support for administrative help, including order status, bill
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